Website Hosting That is Secure and Monitored

What is hosting? Why do you need it? Here are a few things you need to know:

  • What does a Web Host Do?
  • Why is hosting security important?
  • What is included in monitoring?

Web hosting is your space on the internet

Web hosting allows you to own a space on the Internet to post a website or webpage to be viewed by other people.

We like to compare hosting to purchasing land. The land is your hosting. The house is your website. The mailbox is your domain.

Your web host allows you to rent that space (aka your business website) in the  internet map so people can visit your business online. They also provide you with the resources and support you need to keep your space from falling apart.

At The Biz Spa, We Make Hosting Simple.

Our hosting plans include space, security and updates. Plus, the awesome support you need with a call, text or email!


The Space

You get your own little slice of heaven in the internet world. That space is stored on our servers that we own through our partners.



We monitor your hosting daily to make sure it is functioning properly and keeping hackers out.



We make sure plugin updates are done, but also that they’re done right, so that the updates don’t break anything on your site.

Let us help you with a website hosting plan!