Your Quick & Easy Guide

Website Hosting

Whether you’re still thinking about creating a business website or you already have one, it’s important to know about web hosting.

Here are the basics you’ll want to understand.

What does a Web Host do?

Web hosting allows you to own a space on the Internet to post a website or webpage to be viewed by other people.

Your web host allows you to rent that space (aka your business website) in the vast internet map so people can visit your business online. They also provide you with the resources and support you need to keep your space from falling apart.

How does it work?

You buy/rent a space on the internet to store your data called a website

When people search for your website, your web host connects their browser to the server so they can access the data on your website.

As you fill your website with information, your web host helps you store everything in a server

Your web host is your landlord. And their server is the commercial building or lot where your shop is located.

As you use your website, your web host helps to protect it, fix problems, and keep it working smoothly.

Similarly, your web host should not only give you the space for your website, but should also provide you with security, support, and updates to keep your website running smoothly.

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What should you consider when choosing a Web Host?

Of course, you’ll need to consider a few things when choosing your web host. Here are 4 factors to keep in mind:


Think about the type of support and resources your website needs, the amount of features and info you want your customers to have, and your budget.

Protection & Privacy

You’ll want your web host to be able to secure your data, as well as your customers’. They should be able to prevent hackers and bots from your site.


Make sure your web host routinely checks your website for bugs, crashes, and issues. They should help keep your site running smoothly.


You want your web host to be reliable and help you sort out the issues you’re facing. Your web host’s support should be immediate, dependable, and accommodating.

Ready for a stress-free hosting experience?

Own your space on the Internet!