Is your sign-on bonus subject to clawback? In certain circumstances, if an employee is terminated or resigns within a specific amount of time, he/she is required to pay back the full or pro-rata amount of the sign-on bonus. Are there arguments or defenses why your sign-on bonus should not be subject to clawback? The Maura Greene Law Group can help you protect and understand your sign-on bonus rights. Schedule a consultation at MauraGreene-Law.com
Prolonged & unprotected exposure to UV rays can damage both your skin & eyesight. If you’re going out & about this summer (or even all year round), here are some eye safety tips to remember: 😎 Get UVA & UVB-blocking sunglasses (they don’t have to be designer or even prescription) & ideally, choose wrap-around ones for maximum coverage. 😎 Wear a hat with a brim, in addition to your sunglasses. 😎 Never look directly at the sun. 😎 As much as possible, avoid going out around 9am to 3pm, which are the most hazardous times for UV exposure. 😎 Schedule your regular comprehensive eye exam with a trusted eye doctor to help you stay on top of your eye health. Schedule an appointment at TheEyeSiteofBluffton.com/Contact or drop by our office today.
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Electrical problems can get very tricky.

And when you try to fix them yourself, sometimes, they spark even more problems along the way.

Whether it’s outlet installation or electrical repairs, you can be sure it will be handled with care: https://advancedtech-systems.com/electrical-services/

We know this is the time of year people race to reach their fitness goals… A gentle reminder that “Fitness vehicle IN the parking space” leaves less room for dents and dings! 😂 #PreciseParking

It’s important to understand that dogs crave structure, therefore all dogs require some type of training.

Proper training can:
🦴Eliminate unwanted behaviors.
🦴Establishing healthy new behaviors.
🦴Gives the ability to communicate with your dog.
🦴Builds your dog’s confidence.

NBK offers training for dogs of all ages, starting as young as 8-10 weeks. Visit naturalbreedkennel.com/nbk-training/ for more information.🐶❤️

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Our bodies have certain receptors that help us regulate our sleep cycles, mood, appetite, immune system function, inflammation, pain, and memory. ECO products can help your natural bodily chemicals and processes to remain balanced. Learn more about ECO & our products at eastcoastoils.com
TONIGHT! 🚪Doors open at 7pm! 🎤Matone opens at 8pm & 🎸The Deep Shallow Band takes the stage by 9:30pm! 👀for details! https://fb.me/e/2HB9VZ26x
🎉🎸Is there anything better than live music benefiting an incredible cause? We don’t think so either! So join us for Rocktoberfest Charlotte! 🔹Saturday, October 7th 🔹12:30pm – 10pm 🔹JackBeagle’s in NoDa. his is a FREE event, but donations to Make-A-Wish Central and Western North Carolina are highly encouraged!🌠 Donate here👉 http://site.wish.org/goto/Rocktoberfest2023 #RocktoberfestCLT #GetReadyToParty #PartyWithAPurpose 🤩