West Stanly Business Network

November 1 Registration

Let’s Grow, Together!

A Biz Spa Business Event, 5:30-7pm
At the Brew Room in Locust, NC.

Welcome to our last event of the year! We started this group in March of 2023 but we are super excited for next year where we will be having monthly after-hours. The focus is on meeting new people and learning about resources available to Western Stanly County business owners.

At this November event, held at The Brew Room in Locust, during our 10-minute pause we will hear from Andy Peck from Live Edge Exclusives and Julie Stevens, Owner of The Biz Spa and founder of WSBN. And, there’s always a free drink ticket to the first 25 that register!

Business Event Registration

2 People Networking at The Brew Room
A group of people talking
People at a Business Event
Group at a Business Event

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?

There isn’t a real, formal program here.  Just walk in, check in at the sign-in sheet, grab a nametag (or bring your own) and go talk to someone!  At the first one, very few people knew each other, but by the end of the night friendships were already forming.

We highly encourage you to meet someone you’d like to get to know a bit better and schedule a lunch or a coffee with them at another time.  These interactions create friendships that help grow your business community!


I’m shy. What should I do?

Very normal to feel a bit uncomfortable, especially if this is your first time networking.  Look for some Biz Spa folks (usually you’ll find Sarah or Julie) and let them know you’re new and need some help meeting people. They’ll drag you over into a conversation and help you get the ball rolling!


What do I wear? 

Whatever you like!  You’ll find many coming straight from work wearing whatever they wore for the day; Suits, jeans, polos, maybe even muddy work boots!  This is an even to meet new people so however you like to represent your business!


What do I bring? 

Business Cards, a smile, and maybe a friend!


What happens after the event? 

We will add you to our email list and keep you informed of the next event.  Be sure to like us on social if you want to keep up that way too!  But mostly, we hope you make a great connection and carry on the conversation after the event. Grab a cup of coffee or a lunch with someone you met and get to know them a bit better.  Friends are our biggest referral source so making new ones is always a great bonus!


How can The Biz Spa help me with my business? 

We are a full service marketing agency located right here in Locust, NC.  We have an awesome team ready to help you with your business marketing needs.  We also have a blog with tons of awesome content, such as this one on 5 Things You Need to Know When Growing a Small Business.  You can also find lots of freebies, such as social media content calendars, website guides and more, on our resources page. Ready to get started with a marketing package? Contact us!