When it comes to love, it’s better to show than to just simply tell. 

It’s true for all our relationships— from our friends and family, romantic partners, and yes, even in our business. After all, business involves cultivating a strong positive relationship with our loyal and potential customers. 

However, it shouldn’t stop there.

As a business owner, it’s also important to show our appreciation for the people behind the scenes (literally and figuratively)— YOUR TEAM! They’re the people that keep the show going, the ones that stick with you through thick and thin, and the ones that help you take care of your services, products, and customers. When you’ve found a team that does all that and more, you have to do everything it takes to make them feel special and valued in the workplace. 

Here are 10 meaningful ways to show love for your team. 


Yep, pretty simple, isn’t it? Showing love for your team doesn’t have to involve elaborate gestures. However, amidst stressful meetings, deadlines, and unexpected issues, it can be pretty challenging to put the focus on other people even for just a few moments.

And that’s the thing. When your employees see that you take the time to ask how they’re doing with genuine personal interest, it makes a big difference in how they see you as a leader and reinforces the mindset you are all a part of a team.


Everyone loves a reward. And even though you want your employees to love the work they do and your company, some incentives here and there can also go a long way in fueling their drive to do their best.

Aside from a monetary raise, promotions, and days off, here are other incentive ideas:

—– Travel or entertainment tickets

—– Gift sets or packages

—– Gift cards or vouchers

—– Free food (once, for a week, 2 weeks, etc.)

—– Spa or wellness packages


Showing love for your team also means making them feel heard, seen, and valued within the workplace. It’s important to cultivate a safe environment for them to voice their concerns without feeling anxious or judged. You can do this by encouraging participation and brainstorming in meetings or projects, as well as using other forms of communication channels for employees that are afraid to speak up.

More importantly, it’s what you do with their feedback that matters. Aside from listening and taking notes, actually consider their ideas and collaborate with them, get their perspective, and don’t forget to give them credit for the things they contributed.


“It’s the little things that matter.” Cliche, but true *shrug shrug*

Sometimes, smiling and giving a genuine “thank you” to your employees can go a long way, not just in nurturing a positive environment, but also in encouraging your team in the workplace. It literally takes seconds to say two words, so why not do it often?

You can even leave little post-it notes and small messages for them whenever they help you out (without being creepy, of course). Knowing that you truly appreciate even just their small efforts can help them stay motivated and happy while working.


True teamwork involves providing support that’s tailored to their needs. And as a business owner, there are many ways in which you can provide support for your employees.

Of course, financial support is always appreciated. But can you also provide medical and wellness support? Are you able to support minority groups, such as people with disabilities? How can you show support for the causes that involve the people on your team? Can you also provide assistance for their children’s education, housing, transportation, etc.?

And when an employee is going through difficult times (such as depression, loss of a loved one, etc.), how can you and your whole team show your emotional and moral support within the workplace?


No one wants to work all the time. Despite what famous billionaire figures tell you, there’s no way that a sane person would want to spend the rest of their life working 24/7. Because no matter who you are, you have a life outside of the workplace.

And believe it or not, taking time to rest can actually help you stay productive, inspired, and efficient at work. Yep, news flash: resting is a part of productivity. So make sure your team gets plenty of time to relax, refresh themselves, and enjoy their life away from work.

More importantly, respect their time away from the office. As much as possible, refrain from messaging or calling them while they’re at home, on vacation, or even when they’re asleep. Not only does this rob them of their time for the things they love, it may also affect how they feel about their work, about you, and their deliverables.


Optimizing their work environment is also another meaningful way to show how much you care. You can do this by investing in ergonomic setups for your workplace, improving or adding a lunch area, buying an air conditioner or heater, or even just buying a good coffee or espresso machine (can’t go wrong with this one).


Another great way to show love for your team is to help your team hone their skills and build a strong network within your field. You can do this by arranging your own workshops and seminars within your office or other locations. You can also take your team to conferences, training camps, and conventions in or outside your city.

It’s a fun way to learn together, build stronger relationships, and collectively grow as a team with other experts in your field.


Trust is an important component in any relationship. And at work, you can show your trust by letting other members of the team take leadership roles within your company. Let them make decisions for special projects and communicate with others. By trusting them and assigning special tasks, we show that we value them as team members and appreciate their help. 


You can also make your team feel extra special by celebrating their accomplishments and contributions. It doesn’t have to be as fabulous as the Academy Awards; a simple celebration or even just a shoutout on your website or social media is enough to let them know that you see and are grateful for their hard work and dedication. 

Showing love for your team and taking care of them is an important aspect of running a business. Not only does this develop a positive atmosphere in the workplace, but it also influences the actual work that you do.

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