It’s almost Thanksgiving. And that means more than a stuffed turkey, gravy, and cranberry sauce. 

As a business, it’s a great time to build relationships and trust with your customers by showing how thankful you are.

No matter what platform you’re planning to use to show your business’ Thanksgiving spirit, we’ve got 20 content ideas to help you express gratitude, build relationships, and engage with your customers. 

1 What are you thankful for?

This one is obvious and is probably at the top of every Thanksgiving content ideas list, but it’s a great way to showcase a more personal side to your business. 

List down the people and things you’re thankful for and, if you’re posting on social media, tag every single one of them as much as possible. That way, you’re not just engaging your audience, but also building relationships with other people. For example, if like us, you’re thankful for your team, an app that streamlines your work (ClickUp for us), your family and friends, you can post a cute picture of your team, a picture of you working or your workspace, or a great picture at a gathering. 

Thanksgiving content idea #1: Post about the things you're thankful for. Three Instagram posts from @thebizspa depicting The Biz Spa team and children at the beach.

2 Thank your customers

Write up a sincere thank you message for your audience and don’t be afraid to make it personal. Maybe share a photo of you and your team, or better yet — since videos, TikToks, and Reels are such a huge hit— record a short but sweet video for your clients and thank them.

3 Thanksgiving deals and promos

Another great way to thank your customers is to offer exclusive Thanksgiving deals! A holiday sale on your hottest product or service can help get your audience in the warm, Thanksgiving spirit! 

4 Host a Thanksgiving giveaway contest

A seasonal giveaway contest is a great way to engage your audience, promote your business, and even obtain leads from your audience. Make your contest mechanics engaging, but easy to follow, and sprinkle in some Thanksgiving flair. For example, aside from liking or commenting on your post, you can also ask them to tag the people or share at least three things they’re thankful for.

5 Share your Thanksgiving decorations

You know how you love scrolling through Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media for Thanksgiving decoration ideas. Well, here’s your chance to show off yours to your audience— no matter how simple or extravagant it may be. 

You can also ask them for suggestions or send you a picture of their decorations. People love sharing their best ideas and what a great way to interact with your audience while  building that connection!

6 Share your Thanksgiving tips and hacks

Instagram post from @whistlelabs about Thanksgiving Do's and Don'ts for Pet Owners

Do you have a hack for dealing with Thanksgiving leftovers? Carving the turkey? Or how to use recycled items for decorations? Well, don’t keep them to yourself! Your audience will appreciate the tips too. 

You can also ask them if they have any hacks they want to share. When you try them, you can then post how it went and further engage your audience. 

7 Countdown to Thanksgiving

Who says you can only countdown to the New Year? Every day leading up to Thanksgiving, you can post about someone or something you’re thankful for.

8 Spread awareness about or volunteer for a cause

Of course, your reasons for helping a cause should be more than getting good Thanksgiving content ideas. Spreading awareness or volunteering for an advocacy is one of the greatest ways to show your support and gratitude. 

You can also try to collaborate with non-profit organizations for a series of posts, giveaways, and other projects. 

9 Share a Thanksgiving trivia

If you have a global audience or help customers from around the world, you can share facts about Thanksgiving with them too. But make sure to double check your sources and facts before you post! 

10 Share an inspiring quote or reflective question

Instagram post from @wildcanarystudio, featuring a Thanksgiving quote: "Let yourself be full of both thanks and giving."

There’s no denying that people love a good quote. It’s a great time to share an inspiring or heartwarming quote or even ask your audience a reflective question. Engage your audience and ask them what they think, whether they agree or not, or even share your post with others. 

11 Share your favorite Thanksgiving memory

It doesn’t matter if it’s recent or not, feel free to share the story of your favorite Thanksgiving memories. People love hearing stories around the table, and if you can include a picture or video from that day, you can engage and capture their attention even more! 

12 Do a Thanksgiving poll or Q & A

Another great Thanksgiving content idea that can engage your audience is a poll or a Q & A. Most social media platforms have poll features to help you engage with your customers. Take advantage of it and ask questions like What’s your favorite part about Thanksgiving? Or what’s your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? 

13 Feature your customers, business partners or team

Dedicate a special post for the people you’re thankful for. Share a bit more about them, post a photo (with their consent), share your favorite memory with them, and why are you grateful for them? 

If a customer sends or shares a picture of your product, this is a good time to reshare their posts on your profiles too. This is a good way to build relationships and trust within your community. 

14 Post about your seasonal products

Do you sell products that are perfect for Thanksgiving gifts, decorations, or celebrations? This is the perfect time to showcase them or put them on sale!

15 Collaborate with a business with seasonal products

Don’t have seasonal products? That’s fine. You can collaborate on a series of posts, exclusive deals or giveaways with other businesses and brands that have fall or Thanksgiving-themed products. 

This is a good way to get access to more people within or outside your usual demographics and build relationships with other businesses. 

16 Share your Thanksgiving traditions

Do you have a special Thanksgiving tradition with your team or family? This is the perfect time to share them with your audience, no matter how simple or crazy they are. 

From left to right: Julie's family making egg noodles, Erin's daughter playing with Silly String, and Elvis the dog.

At The Biz Spa, we love hearing about our team’s Thanksgiving traditions. Julie, our CEO, enjoys making her late Nan’s egg noodles with her family. Cindi, one of our Senior Account Managers, loves cooking for her loved ones and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. 

For our Senior Account Manager, Erin, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without playing with Silly String with her daughter. And because Natalie, from Business Development, and her wife got engaged on Thanksgiving, it doubles as an extra special memory for them too. 

17 Share your favorite Thanksgiving recipe

Speaking of cooking for and with loved ones, you can also share your favorite Thanksgiving recipes with your audience. Do you have a secret ingredient? A special way of making it? Who did you learn it from?

18 Share a pic of your Thanksgiving dinner

It’s a Thanksgiving content idea list without a suggestion to share a picture of your Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone loves food pictures (unless, of course, you’re on a diet)! Share a picture of your Thanksgiving dinner and the people you’re eating it with. 

You can even do BEFORE and AFTER posts and show the preparation stages until the food is served or show how the table looks before eating and after digging in!

19 Post Thanksgiving puns, jokes and memes

I mean, at least now you know what your dad’s jokes/dad jokes are for, right? Everyone loves a good meme! You can even use the wonderful meme templates from imgflip.

20 Promote upcoming holiday deals

Last but not least on our list of Thanksgiving content ideas, promote your plans for the upcoming holidays. It’s not just Thanksgiving that’s right around the corner, after all. What do you have planned for Black Friday, Small Business, Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas? Give your audience a little tease and promote your deals early! 

There are many ways to celebrate the holidays and spread the Thanksgiving spirit, even as a business. What Thanksgiving-themed content ideas are you going to try this month? Do you have more Thanksgiving content ideas to share? Leave them in the comments below! 

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