Websites should be highly effective marketing tools that turn casual visitors into repeat customers. Doing that requires an effective, innovative, and immersive website design that keeps people engaged and clicking links to more pages and eventually deciding to make a purchase or otherwise react in the manner that you seek. When they do that, the Google and Bing search engines notice and assess such websites much more favorably regarding related and relevant search terms. Here are three great features that you should include in the design of your website to help make that happen.

1. Personalized Experience

A website that is inviting and creates a more personalized experience for visitors is one that is more likely to obtain a preferred result than a website that is more impersonal. According to LinkedIn, eight out of 10 consumers are more likely to buy goods or services from brands that create personalized experiences, including emails, web content, and user-focused recommendations. You should personalize the experience as much as possible by addressing visitors directly in terms like “you” and “your” while providing information that they find compelling and informative.

2. Engaging Content

It all starts with content that visitors find compelling and that makes them want to stick around or come back again to learn more. Content that is relevant and encourages visitors to become active participants makes the experience more unique and engaging for the user. The content should establish your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness regarding a particular topic. It also should encourage the visitor to take action by clicking on links, viewing videos, or taking part in a fun quiz of maybe three or five questions to make the visitor enjoy the unique experience.

3. Fast-Loading Pages

Few things will cause a visitor to leave sooner than a slowly loading page. The longer it takes a particular web page to load, the more likely a visitor is to leave. Google and Bing algorithms assess loading speeds when rating websites and punish those that load slowly. The slow web page also will cause visitors to leave without seeing the page, which Google and Bing algorithms also will notice. Keeping your pages loading quickly and optimizing them for mobile devices as well as laptop and desktop computers should prove to be beneficial.

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