Looks can be deceiving, even when it comes to running your business. Sometimes, the things that we think are helping our business are actually harming us in the long run. 

Think you may have fallen into the trap of these common business mistakes? Read on to find out! 

Common business mistake #1: An outdated or non-existent website

Imagine having a storefront with the lights off and the door locked. Not exactly screaming “Come on in!” to potential customers, right? 

The same goes for your online presence.  

If your website is outdated, confusing, or worse: non-existent, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of your audience. Think of your website as your digital storefront, always open for business, 24/7.

Creating a business website that communicates your brand & is filled with engaging content can help you attract more customers and encourage them to keep coming back. 

Common business mistake #2: Not having a social media strategy

Just because you have a social media account doesn’t mean you have a social media presence. Growing on social media takes more than just posting once a month or whatever pops into your head. 

Like any other project, growing your social media presence requires a plan and a strategy to make sure your efforts help you inch toward your end goal. 

Take some time to determine your social media goals, develop a plan, test out your strategies, and keep tracking your progress. Or get a social media super team to help you strategize your way to success! 😉

Common business mistake #3: Bland or confusing website content

Have you ever stumbled upon a website with jargon-filled content that left you more confused than informed? Yeah, not a good look. And not a good way to attract website visitors either. 

If your website content is written in overly technical language or filled with industry jargon, you’re likely alienating a significant portion of your potential audience. Similarly, if your website content is too bland and not engaging enough, you’ll probably bore your customers away!

Common business mistake #4: Neglecting your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google (and other search engines) has billions of content to share with its users. Imagine someone searching for exactly what you offer, but your website is buried on the tenth page of search results. Not ideal, right? 

SEO plays a crucial role in making your website discoverable by potential customers searching for the kind of products or services you provide. A proper SEO strategy can help you align your online content with your audience’s searching behavior. 

Common business mistake #5: Inconsistency

Building a successful online presence requires consistent and continuous effort. Just like a garden, it needs regular tending to flourish.  

Posting on social media once a month and hoping for the best probably won’t cut it. The same goes for your website and other aspects of your online marketing. 

Make sure you regularly track progress & data to help you improve and stay relevant to your customers. No matter how small the adjustments are, as long as you consistently do your best, you’re bound to see results. 

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