Summer is a time for bold colors and fresh styles. Just like your wardrobe deserves a seasonal refresh, so does your digital marketing strategy! Are you aware of the 2024 digital marketing trends that are slaying the marketing runway?

Forget the tired tactics that have become the equivalent of those worn-out flip-flops. This season, it’s all about embracing the hottest trends in social media, website design, and search engine optimization (SEO) a.k.a. the statement sandals that will elevate your brand and turn heads online.

So grab your metaphorical sunhat and shades!

Here are some of Summer 2024 digital marketing trends and how to implement them in your business. 

1. SEO: Optimize for voice search

Comfy sandals are a must-have for those long summer days. But something that’s just as essential for your SEO strategy is voice search.

A woman using voice search to ask a question. Optimizing for voice search is one of 2024 digital marketing trends.

Just like a versatile sandal can take you from the beach to the boardwalk, optimizing for voice search broadens your reach to users on the go. 

Here’s how to strap on this trend:

—– Focus on natural language. Write content that mimics how people talk, using long-tail keywords and conversational phrases like “What are the best hiking trails near me?”

—– Target local searches. Since voice search is often used for finding nearby businesses, ensure your Google My Business profile is up-to-date and optimized for local keywords.

—– Answer the questions. Think about the common questions your target audience might ask and prioritize creating content that provides clear and concise answers. This could be in the form of blog posts, FAQs, or better yet, video tutorials.

2. Social media: Show off the real you with authentic content

Authenticity is one of the 2024 digital marketing trends we love. Just like a flowy dress that flatters your unique style, authentic content allows your brand’s true personality to shine. 

Here’s how to weave authenticity into your social media strategy:

—– Show, don’t just tell. Instead of scripted promotional messages, share behind-the-scenes glimpses, employee spotlights, or even relatable bloopers and memes! (Check out our social media to see our meme side!)

—– Embrace user-generated content. Repost stories featuring your products or services, run contests that encourage your customers’ creativity and actively engage with comments and messages.

—– Be transparent and human. Don’t shy away from addressing challenges or showing your brand’s lighter side. A little humor or vulnerability goes a long way in building genuine connections.

3. SEO: Social media as search engines

Have you ever searched for an item or a keyword on social media to find your next buy or next food stop? More and more people are using social media platforms to look for businesses to support.

Just like how eye-catching shades turn heads with their unique style, these platforms are becoming powerful discovery tools. Optimizing for social media search can open your brand up to a whole new audience. 

Here are three ways to embrace this trend:

—– Use relevant keywords in your social media bios and posts. When people search for your brand or products on social media, these keywords will help them discover your profiles.

—– Optimize your social media profiles for local searches if applicable. If you have a physical store, include your address and other location details in your profiles. This will make you more visible in local social media searches.

—– Encourage social shares. The more shares you get, the higher the chance your content appears in social media search results. Run social media campaigns that encourage sharing or create content that is naturally shareable due to its entertainment or informative value.

4. Websites: Personalization is key

Imagine if swimsuits were made with just one body size in mind. The horror! Every body type deserves to look and feel good in a suit that fits them perfectly.

Just like a perfectly tailored suit caters to individual needs, website personalization creates a unique and engaging experience for each visitor. 

Here’s how to personalize your website:

—– Recommend products based on user behavior. Make use of analytics tools to give you insights into the things that attract your visitors. That data can help you recommend products or content that aligns with their interests. 

This could include suggesting complementary items based on past purchases or displaying blog posts on topics related to products they’ve viewed.

—– Display dynamic greetings and CTAs. Personalize greetings based on location or past interactions, and tailor calls to action based on visitor needs.

—– Offer user account features. Allow users to create accounts with saved preferences and wishlists, creating a more convenient and engaging experience.

5. SEO & Websites: Optimize your UX

Forget the fanny packs and the bandanas. A smooth, user-friendly website experience is the must-have accessory for summer SEO this season! 

A comfortable, well-fitting outfit enhances your confidence. Likewise, optimizing for User Experience (UX) makes sure that your visitors have a seamless and enjoyable journey on your website. This keeps them engaged and nudges Google (and other search engines) to give you a boost in their results pages. 

Good UX is not just a 2024 digital marketing trend. An optimized and engaging website can boost your business for decades to come.

Here are three ways to optimize UX:

—– Make it mobile-friendly. Ensure your website is responsive and easy to navigate on all devices, especially smartphones, which are a dominant browsing tool.

—– Focus on clear website structure. Organize your content logically with intuitive menus and clear navigation. Make it effortless for visitors to find the information they need.

—– Optimize page loading speed. Nobody likes waiting for a slow website in the summer heat. Implement speed optimization techniques to ensure your website loads quickly and keeps visitors engaged.

Of course, like fashion trends, some of us need a little help keeping up. But don’t worry. You don’t have to be featured in a reality makeover show to boost your marketing for this season. 

At The Biz Spa, we take the “blah” out of business and put the magic in your marketing. Need help keeping up or understanding 2024 digital marketing trends or marketing in general?

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