Content marketing can get overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Even as a small business, there are smart ways to make content creation easier and effective. 

One of these strategies is incorporating content themes into your marketing. Monthly, weekly, or even annual themes make brainstorming, planning, and creating content feel like a breeze. 

But how do you actually decide the content themes to incorporate into your marketing? 

Incorporating content themes into your marketing can make planning more easy.

Here are a few tips: 

Pay attention to awareness days or holidays

Businesses take advantage of the Christmas spirit to boost products & content in December; Valentine’s Day in February; Halloween in October; you get the idea. What awareness days or holidays are relevant to your customers and your business? 

Lean into your niche & expertise

Pick a general topic to focus on every month that’s related to your expertise. Answer questions, debunk myths, share tips, or go behind the scenes! These can give you a wide variety of content themes to work with.

Leaning into your niche & expertise can give you a wide variety of content themes to work with.

Embrace the changing seasons 

Seasons change— from summer to winter, back to school to breaks, new beginnings to the end of the year. Bringing these different themes per season into your content can boost your relevancy and brand awareness. 

Have fun with it

Do you own a bakery and it’s fall? Try a  “Fall-ow” your nose to the land of sweet smells theme.  Own a gym in the south? Then, make it a Sweat-tember to remember (Seriously, that humidity!)!  This is your business, so why not have a little fun along the way?

Content themes are a great way to stay relevant and make content creation easier. The creative team at The Biz Spa can make your marketing feel like a breeze. Contact us here or learn more about our packages.