At The Biz Spa, we take pride in transforming businesses with our tailored marketing strategies. One of our recent success stories is a local dog kennel in Charlotte, NC. Over the course of 12 months, we helped them achieve great results: quadrupling their website traffic, significantly increasing organic keyword searches, and multiplying the number of keywords they ranked for by nearly five times. Their appearance on SERPs increased, and their site health ranking reached an impressive 90%. Here’s how we did it:

Social Media Support

While the kennel preferred to manage their social media posts, we provided essential guidance and tips to enhance their online presence. Our support included:

  • Content and Imagery: We advised on the type of content and imagery that would engage their audience and resonate with pet owners.
  • Profile Updates: We encouraged updates to their social media profiles to boost keyword relevance, including updates to descriptions and photos.
  • Link Integration: We emphasized the importance of including links in their posts when appropriate to drive additional traffic to their website.

This strategic support helped them maintain an engaging and active social media presence, which in turn boosted their website traffic.

Website Enhancements

We managed significant updates to their website, focusing on both content and technical aspects:

  • Monthly Content Updates: Each month, we added new pages and updated existing ones to ensure they were user-friendly and contained accurate, up-to-date information. By boosting the copy with specific keywords, we improved the user navigational experience and increased new user visits.
  • SEO Improvements: We optimized the website for SERP features, including “people also ask,” which educated users on the services offered by the kennel.
  • Technical Cleanup: The kennel initially had two conflicting domains and a poorly functioning site. We cleaned up these issues, migrated the site to new servers to eliminate downtime, and removed thousands of unnecessary images, resized them for better load times, and added alt tags.
  • Meta Tags and Descriptions: We ensured all meta tags and descriptions were properly set up, making it easier for Google to index the site and recognize relevant keywords.

These enhancements not only improved the site’s functionality and user experience but also boosted its visibility and ranking on search engines.

Comprehensive Marketing Plan

To sustain and build on this growth, we developed a comprehensive marketing plan with monthly suggestions to boost interest and brand awareness. A few of those examples were:

  • Holiday Pet Photos: We proposed organizing holiday-themed photo sessions for pets, creating adorable content for social media and promotional materials.
  • Pet Fashion Shows: Hosting pet fashion shows not only drew local attention but also created shareable moments for social media.
  • Community Participation: We encouraged participation in various community events to increase brand visibility and connect with local pet owners.

This holistic approach ensured that the kennel remained at the front of potential customers’ minds, driving continued growth and engagement.


Through these strategic efforts, the dog kennel experienced growth in their online presence and customer base. Their website traffic and keyword rankings soared, resulting in higher brand recognition. Our approach of combining social media support, website enhancements, and a comprehensive marketing plan, showcased the power of effective marketing strategies in transforming a business.

At The Biz Spa, we’re committed to helping businesses like this dog kennel grow thoughtfully and beautifully. Let us take the stress of marketing off your plate, so you can focus on what you do best.