Rebranding your business can be a stressful process, but it can also be an extremely rewarding milestone. 

In this blog, we’ll talk about the beauty of rebranding, what we’ve learned from our own experience, and the changes we’re embracing at The Biz Spa. 

Let’s start by addressing a simple, yet burning question…

Is it okay to rebrand my business?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY. In fact, it’s something that we encourage you to do if you feel like your current branding doesn’t resonate with your business anymore. 

It doesn’t matter whether your business is small, medium-sized, or already a large corporation. Rebranding can take place wherever you are on your business journey.

Here are a few examples of companies who have changed their branding over the years: 

Three Pepsi cans displayed side by side
Old Microsoft logo (left) new Microsoft logo (right)

Here’s a great article from Lytho that gives more examples of companies that have rebranded over the years.

While there’s still a debate on what the real definition of a “brand” is, rebranding can involve more than just revising your logo over a period of time.

It can include things like changing your services, products, how you make your products, who you sell to, what you do, how you present your business to your audience, how your audience perceives your business, and more. 

Sometimes, rebranding completely changes the whole experience and essence of a business. 

And that’s perfectly fine.  

The Beauty of Rebranding Your Business

A lot of people are hesitant about rebranding their business. And that’s understandable. Change, whether big or small, can be scary. 

However, not all change is as scary . Here are 3 reasons why rebranding your business and change can be good. 

  1. It usually means growth: Most of the time, the decision to rebrand is the result of a significant development or growth in a business. From your first 100 customers to your 100,000 and up, you’ll keep learning new things to help you serve your clients better and keep growing. 
  2. It’s an opportunity to improve: Rebranding is a great opportunity to tweak and develop aspects of your business that are not working or could work better. 

For example, is your current marketing strategy effective? Is there a better way to deliver your services? Are your services updated and aligned with your clients’ current needs? What current needs can you address and help with?

3. It’s a great learning experience for you and your team: As you go through the changes, no matter how big or small, it’s a good experience to have with your team. 

Take advantage of the brainstorming and trial period to see how your team handles the changes. Don’t forget to ask for their insights, suggestions, concerns, and their thoughts about the process. You don’t have to process the changes alone. Everyone can learn from it too! 

Why We Decided to Rebrand

It’s been 8 years since we started our former company, RMS Tech Spa. Our aim was to help “take the stress out of marketing and tech.” Through web hosting, website design, print and digital marketing services, we helped our clients establish a strong online and offline presence. 

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of amazing businesses from different industries— from metal recycling and foundation repair to security companies and law firms, and more. 

But we always knew that there were greater opportunities ahead. 

We believe that there are a lot of budding yet brilliant entrepreneurs out there that need support and reliable insights. And we know that startup businesses don’t always have the budget to afford a full marketing or support team to help them kick-start their growth. 

So how can we provide more value to businesses of all kinds and sizes and help them grow? 

The answer came to our CEO, Julie Stevens, many moons ago, but really moved to the front of her brain towards the end of 2020. 

As it turned out, flipping over to an exciting new chapter for our company required a lot of faith, planning, and promised a lot of changes. 

Is rebranding your business really worth it? 

Well, in our case, yes! And in many cases, yes… When done right!

 As of last month, we’ve been taking our services, our wonderful team, and our clients to an all new and better spa— The Biz Spa! 

What’s New at The Biz Spa?

We’re working hard to be a one-stop oasis for all your business and marketing needs. 

We now offer flexible marketing & tech solutions for all kinds of businesses and budgets, such as: 

  • DIY Marketing Resources 
  • Done-for-you marketing services (We do everything for you— from content creation to scheduling and strategy) 
  • Educational Business Resources for starting eager-to-learn entrepreneurs
  • Website design, hosting, and building services 
  • Informative monthly newsletter
  • Tutorial videos
  • And coming soon— courses and webinars

The same creative and hardworking team behind RMS Tech Spa is now opening the doors to more opportunities for learning and growth— for us and for you. 

Here’s to embracing growth, changes, and the beauty of rebranding. 

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