Move over, Simba, Michael Jackson, and T’challa. We all know that content is the real king here! At least, that’s what Bill Gates said. 

However, we would argue that it takes more than just plain old content to help you rule and conquer your website growth goals. In reality, it’s high-quality and consistent content that is truly king. 


Because it’s one of the most important— if not the most important— factors in helping your business and your website grow. 

Here are just five reasons how it can help you do that:

How can posting consistent content help me grow my website?

How can posting consistent content help my website grow?

1. It builds up your brand audience and loyalty

Building an audience around your brand is important. And much like on social media, posting consistent and high-quality content on your website is a powerful way to achieve that. 

Think about food… When we visit a new restaurant and we get bad-tasting food, we probably associate the place with the bad product or experience we’ve had and we’ll likely never go again. 

But when we order something delectable, we’re more likely to keep going there, try the rest of their menu, praise the chef or post about it on social media, and tell our friends about it.

Having excellent content attracts people to keep consuming your content and browsing your website. And posting consistently makes sure that they always get fresh content whenever they visit, so they never get tired of the same thing over and over again. 

2. It builds trust, reputation, and authority 

Along with building up your brand loyalty, having consistent and great quality content also builds your reputation and authority. This is because the kind of content you produce says a lot about you and your business. 

For example, if you’re a writer but your blog posts contain too many typos and grammatical errors, it reflects poorly on your skills and quality of work. 

Similarly, as a business, if your posts do not give value to your customers or provide outdated, false, or even offensive content, that also impacts your reputation as a business. 

Even if you’re a new business and starting from the ground up, you can focus on creating the kind of content that boosts your authority and reputation. 

This brings us to…

3. It provides value to your audience

So what kind of content should you be producing to help you grow your website? 

The most powerful way of converting your website visitors into customers is to provide them with value through your content. 

Think about it: people just want the benefits. The question we always ask is “What’s in it for me?” Fair enough, if we’re not really gaining anything from something, then what’s the point? 

If you keep providing value to your audience through your website content, such as educational tips, resources, services, etc., they’ll be more likely to purchase when you pitch to them. 

Why? Because they already know what kind of content you create, the value they receive, and how it can help them. And if you provide them value consistently, they’ll trust your authority and would want to receive more of your content. 

Just look at the Tiktoks, Youtube videos, articles, and Instagram posts you saved. Aren’t they pictures and videos that you personally want to learn or get references from? 

4. It improves your search engine rankings 

In our previous blog post, we talked about how different aspects of your website contribute to your bounce rate (aka the percentage of people that leave your website without taking any other action). And in turn, your website’s bounce rate also affects how search engines rank you in their search results. 

One of the most important factors that affect both search engine rankings and bounce rates is the quality and consistency of your content. 

Remember: high-quality, valuable, and consistent content makes your website visitors more likely to come back, comment, and even share your content. 

As a result, your website’s bounce rate would decrease and it tells the almighty search engines that your website (and the content from your website) are always worth recommending to their users, improving your search engine rankings. 

5. It increases your sales, revenue, and leads 

As you build up your reputation, authority, search rankings, and brand loyalty, it becomes easier to increase your sales and your leads. 

The more consistent you are with producing valuable content, the more opportunities you have to get people to follow through with your call to action. 

At the same time, it becomes easier to direct to the different channels in which you also produce similar content, such as your social media profiles, email newsletters, etc. 

So while it’s true that creating content is an important part of growing your business, without consistency and value, it won’t do much. The real king when it comes to growing your website is consistent and excellent quality content. 

But here’s the good news! You don’t have to do it on your own and shoulder all of the stress! 

In fact, you can just focus on the other important aspects of your business or even your personal life. 

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