More entrepreneurs are willing to bet big on their businesses. We’re seeing that in the growth of small business marketing budgets. According to Word Stream, 63% of businesses have put more money into their digital marketing budgets over the past year. So, why are entrepreneurs investing more in digital marketing? Understand why the willingness to make those sizable investments by reading the rest of this article!

Digital Marketing Is Great for Results

Although more entrepreneurs are expanding their small business marketing budgets, they still can’t keep up with the spending habits of industry heavyweights. Entrepreneurs have to be more mindful of how they use their budget due to its limited size. Now that we know this, it’s a little easier to understand why businesses are leaning harder on digital marketing.

Digital marketing efforts can consistently yield substantial returns. And the best part, you don’t have to spend a fortune on digital marketing to get good results. Even a modest investment in improving your organic search rankings or gaining a boost on social media can have immediate and long-term benefits.

Digital Marketing Is Critical for Expansion Efforts

Running a small business can be rewarding and  the allure of expansion is often irresistible. With profits to be had, you cannot afford to miss your opportunity. By investing more in your digital marketing, you can capitalize on these opportunities.

Expansion efforts supported by an organized digital marketing campaign are more likely to succeed because they can reach more prospects. You can get in front of more customers if you make the necessary investment. More entrepreneurs are pouncing on that opportunity by investing more.

Digital Marketing Is Easier to Control

We’re also seeing more entrepreneurs increase their small business marketing budgets because they like being in control of how their companies appear online. The great thing about digital marketing is it gives you more control over how it works. You can choose the type of content that will be featured in your advertising campaign and the platforms. With that much control, you can also establish a new identity for your business.

You won’t regret investing in your small business, especially if you’re paying for increased visibility. The return on that investment can be substantial, and your business will be in better shape for it. Give us a call today to discuss marketing plans for your business!