Today, we’re talking about Google Reviews. Well, any review if we’re being honest!

For those who have missed the whole review bus, a Google Review is simply the thoughts, both good and less than, of a client’s experience with your business. Google Reviews are available to any business that has a Google Business account. 

Don’t worry, this feature is free to you and your business, so why not have one? It also pops your biz on Google Maps and makes your location easier to find for potential clients. Major win for those of us who are directionally challenged. (We see you, some of us are you!

The Power of Google Reviews

What we sometimes forget, on the other hand, is much like words have power, reviews tend to tout clout, giving your business a bit of validity from the consumer view.

Not sold yet? Read what our friends at Mention have to say about why reviews are so important to a business.

We all know that word of mouth is the best advertising, right?  Well, a review is essentially word of mouth, on a digital platform, that practically the entire world has access to! So we’re not exaggerating when we say that Google Reviews can make or break your business!

Yeah, yeah. We know it all sounds a little scary, but it’s worth it.

Google reviews help potential customers decide if they want to buy from your business.

Think about it: if you’ve ever bought anything online—clothing, for example—you probably read the reviews to understand what you were purchasing and to make sure it would fit.

How about the time you tried out a new restaurant that you were on the fence about? You probably hopped online, read some reviews, and were so blown away by the positive comments that you just had to go and experience it yourself!

What about negative Google Reviews?

On the flip side, negative reviews do happen. Like it or not, not everyone is going to love you or your business. Some even feel the need to be vocal about it and that’s okay. 

When you’re balancing out that one slightly negative Google review with all those positive reviews, readers will get the point and follow the fantastic vs. the one negative.  

Responding to Google Reviews

This leads us to our next point, RESPONDING to reviews.  Why, when, how, arghhhh! 

Hang tight, we’re going to break this down too and you’ll be ready to respond to those reviews before we’re done!


If someone took the time to leave you a review, you need to respond back. It’s just that simple.

Readers notice when you do respond and how you respond. (Notice we said respond, not react?) Sometimes, a well-worded response to a negative review can inspire a potential client to give you a shot.

After all, there are three sides to a story. And a cool, calm response tends to be better heard.


The sooner, the better. 

This doesn’t mean you need to drop everything you’re doing to respond to a review the minute it comes in. In fact, sometimes reading, waiting a bit, then responding will give you more genuine words to share. Just make sure to not let too much time lapse before responding.


Again, all reviews should really be responded to.

Sometimes a response can be as simple as a “Thank You” or a “We’re sorry to hear x,y, and z. Please reach out to us at (insert your contact info.) so we can make it right.”

What if the negative review isn’t accurate or is fake?  There are several ways to respond to this, take a look at what Google suggests about responding to reviews of all shapes and sizes for more options.

To sum it all up, Google reviews (or any kind of review) are important because they impact how other people view your business.

Now that you know a little more about the land of reviews, go ahead and start asking your clients to leave you a great review if they’re happy with your business! You’ll never know if you don’t ask!

And if you don’t have time to request reviews from your clients, let The Biz Spa handle it for you!