Ahh, the holidays… As an entrepreneur, it’s the season we look forward to and dread at the same time.

On the one hand, it means mouthwatering food, booze, friends and family, and me time. But it also means rushing your holiday marketing, catching up with deadlines, and scrambling to get about a hundred business and personal things done at the same time.

Before the snow starts to fall, you’re already overwhelmed and overworked. No wonder The Cranberries kept singing about letting things linger.

It’s so tempting to just put things off (like your holiday marketing) and forget about them.

But if you do, you’re going to miss tons of opportunities and potential customers and sales!

Don’t worry though. When done right, you can get away with only doing the essentials of your marketing and still get impactful results.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about 5 easy holiday marketing essentials to keep your business growing even while you’re celebrating.

Having a good content plan can make  holiday marketing less overwhelming.

Make a Holiday Marketing Content Plan

Come on, even your Thanksgiving dinner needed thorough planning.

A good content plan or content calendar helps you stay on top of your content without losing your mind.

Here are some features it should have:

—– Important dates you want to make the most of

—– Ideas for posts (whether it’s for social media, blogs, website, newsletter, tiktok, etc.)

—– Captions.

—– Images or videos you want to use.

—– Your notes/data about your audience: what posts do they resonate with, what time are they online, what type of content do they like, etc.

Resources to help your holiday marketing:

—– Social Media Monthly Planning Guide

—– Business Blog Bundle

—– Content Themes: How to Incorporate Them Into Your Marketing

—– 20 Thanksgiving Content Ideas For Your Business

Post consistently

We know you’re tired of hearing this, but it’s true: consistency is key, especially when it comes to marketing. Even during the holidays, aim to post even just once a week on social media.

And if you followed the first step, your holiday marketing content plan should make posting easier and less overwhelming.

Remember too, that there’s no shame in recycling your content. If it’s still relevant and resonates with your audience, it’s a surefire way to engage them. If tv shows can bring in the do-re-mi via syndication, your marketing can still grow with a re-run or two too.

Resources to help you post consistently:

—– Holiday Post Packet

—– The Biz Spa Social Media Scheduling Services

Give back to your audience

Tis the season to be thankful, after all. And being thankful means more than just posting a simple “thank you!”

Actually, holiday marketing has even more impact when you approach it with a giving mindset (you know, instead of an “I wanna take your money” mindset). Here’s how you can incorporate that into your holiday marketing:

—– Offer a freebie (think of it as a free sample that’ll leave them wanting more).

—– Host a giveaway (even better if you collab with other people).

—– Support a cause that your audience cares about.

Resources help you show love:

—– 10 Meaningful Ways of Showing Customers Some Love

Update your website and social media

When we’re on vacation, we send out-of-office emails to clients, business partners, and our team.

A lot of things can change during the holidays— the weather, your clothes, the atmosphere. And the same goes for your business.

If you’re planning to turn on vacation mode during the holidays, make sure to let your customers and audience know what to expect from you.

—– Will your office hours change?

—– Will delivery times be affected?

—– Will certain products or services not be available for a certain amount of time?

Resources to help update your website for the holidays:

—– Why Your Business Needs A Website and Not Just A Facebook Page

—– The Biz Spa’s Website Services

Outsource your marketing

Just like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, you don’t have to do everything on your own. When you get overwhelmed, at least you have other people to help you check on the turkey, welcome the guests, and chop the broccoli.

The Biz Spa is your holiday marketing magic maker team! We help you plan, brainstorm, create, and schedule your marketing so you can focus on enjoying your holidays and wrapping up the year.

How we can help you with your holiday marketing: 

—– Kickstart, optimize, and boost your social media presence 

—– Create, update, host, and optimize your business website

—– Design or update your branding

—– Learn more about growing your business

—– Answer your marketing questions and strategize for your business.